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About MotorShout


MotorShout is an entirely new kind of car enthusiast website that delivers you the very best and latest automotive content from around the web...all in one place.

By aggregating hundreds of the most respected websites in the automotive world, and combining that with your individual preferences, MotorShout delivers you the very latest news, hottest photos, slickest videos, up to date car specs and much much more. The best part is that it’s all catered to your own tastes, so you get the automotive content that YOU want.

Why MotorShout?

The reason is simple:

We wanted a website that catered to ALL aspects of our love of cars. We wanted a site where exotics would live side by side with family cars. Where you could get professional video reviews of the Ferrari 458 Italia while researching specs of your soon to be new Ford Fiesta. Where you could read all the coverage of the latest motor shows while talking about it and sharing it with your closest friends. All of this in one place seemed like an idea worth exploring...and that’s how MotorShout came to be.

Why sign up to MotorShout?

There are thousands of reasons to join the MotorShout community, but the single most important one is: YOU!

Instead of getting EVERY piece of content about every manufacturer, with a MotorShout account you can transform the site into your own car world. For example, let’s say you are ONLY interested in Ferrari and Aston Martin. Well then you can customize your entire MotorShout preferences so you only get content for the those types of cars. It’s that cool! Add as many car manufacturers as you like too. We do all the hard work for you, so you can enjoy your own customized automotive experience.

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Customize your homepage with your favorite manufacturers.
  • Receive daily, weekly or monthly email alerts to notify you of the latest updates from your favorite manufacturers.
  • Share great automotive content with your friends and family.
  • Have your say on the cars you love, and the one’s you hate.
  • Complete the Carsona Quiz to discover your individual “Car Persona” and compare the results with your friends.


So where does all the content come from?

We strive to gather only the best automotive content from around the web and deliver it directly to you. A lot of our content comes from ‘fair use’ RSS published feeds or from officially approved API’s. We also supplement that with our own car database to help better organize the content into customizable feeds.

Why would I want my content published on MotorShout?

It’s simple...if your content is good, we will drive ‘relevant’ people your way. By having your content on MotorShout you have an endless supply of car enthusiasts that can discover not only your articles, but your entire website.

Best of all, every piece of content leads directly to the source article with full attribution given to the source provider meaning more people can discover your site.

How can I get my content onto MotorShout?

Our goal is to deliver only the best automotive content to the community, and we are always on the look out for more ‘quality’ sources. If you think your website content would make a great addition to MotorShout, please email us at [email protected] and we will review it as soon as possible.



For all enquiries, please email us as [email protected].

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